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Ming-Na Wen (Fa Mulan, spoken voice)
Lea Salonga (Fa Mulan, singing voice)
Eddie Murphy (Mushu)
B.D. Wong (Captain Li Shang, spoken voice)
Donny Osmond (Captain Li Shang, singing voice)
Pat Morita (The Emperor)
Miguel Ferrer (Shan Yu)
George Takei (First Ancestor)
Soon-Teck Oh (Fa Zhou, Mulan's Father)
Freda Foh Shen (Fa Li, Mulan's Mother)
James Hong (Chi Fu)
Harvey Fierstein (Yao)
June Foray (Grandmother Fa)
James Shigeta (The General)
Gedde Watanabe (Ling)
Jerry Tondo (Chien Po)
Miriam Margoyles (Matchmaker)
(Little Brother)
(Shan Yu's Falcon)

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After a couple of days, I will be posting a plot summary of Disney's Mulan.  The movie version of Mulan is slightly different from the original story of Mulan.  In the meantime, go to your local theatre and watch the movie! :)

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1. Honor to Us All (3:03)
2. Reflection (2:27)
3. I'll Make a Man Out of You (3:21)
4. A Girl Worth Fighting For (2:26)
5. True to Your Heart (Single) (4:16)
6. Suite from "Mulan" (Score version of songs) (7:06)
7. Attack at the Wall (Score) (4:59)
8. Mulan's Decision (Score) (3:23)
9. Blossoms (Score) (6:27)
10. The Huns Attack (Score) (4:30)
11. The Burned-Out Village (Score) (5:53)
12. Reflection (Pop Version) (3:36)

For sound clips from the Mulan soundtrack, visit:

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If you would like to submit a movie review of Mulan, please e-mail it to the following e-mail address and I will post it up on to this web page.